Bomb DramaEdit

One day at East high "hey Gab my dad said you can come to pratice" Troy called over to Gabriella. "Ok see ya" Gabriella called back. Later that day Drake was walking with Chad, Zeke, Jason and Cloea Drake shook his head "oh no what is it?" Cloea asked Drake "what?" asked Chad. "Drake can scense danger and when he dose he dose that" Cloea told him. "So he`s like si-kick?" Jason asked. "Sort of Drake.... Drake" said Cloea "it`s not good the school is going to blow up and Troy and Gabriella are going to get killed!" Drake replied in a worried tone. Then he ran to warn Troy and Gabriella. But the door was locked "what the" Drake was trying to open the door. In the gym a dilivery man came with a box that marked fragile "don`t worry you don`t have to sign for it" said the dilivery man he put the box on the floor then left. "Thats werid whats in there?" asked Gabriella "I have no idea" replied Troy. When they opened it to find A BOMB!!! "Oh no" cried Drake "what`s wrong Drake?" asked Taylor "Gab and Troy are gonna get killed" replied Drake "what?" asked Taylor confused. "The school is going to blow up am trying to warn Troy and Gab but the doors locked" panicked Drake "ok" said Taylor and went to Cloea. "Cloea your bro has lost his mind he said somthing about Troy and Gabriella getting killed and the school blowing up" said Taylor. "Yeah I seen him trying to open the gym doors he has lost the plot" said Ryan. Back to Troy and Gabriella "uh oh this is definetly not good" said Troy "there is a note death of Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and Drake Russo September 27th 2009 two minutes to seven Troy what time is it?" asked Gabriella scared "two minutes to six come on we have to get out of here" said Troy and tried to open the door but it was locked. Gabriella pressed the fire alarm then she layed on the floor then Troy lay down on the floor "I love you Troy Bolton" said Gabriella "I love you to Gabriella Montez" said Troy they hulled together to wait for the bomb to blow up. Outside everyone is freacking out. "Everyone stay lined up in your homegroups teachers don`t move okay is anyone missing!" Mr Matsui called out. "Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and Drake Russo" said Mrs Darbus. The whole school wispered untill the school blew up. "TROY!!!" cried the cheerleaders "NOOO!" cried Chad. In the buring school Drake bursted the door down "TROY GAB CAN YOU HEAR ME!!" he called out he found them on the floor. He changed into a his into a horse like Chinese akita and put Gabriella and Troy on his back. And jumped over the fire and he was nearly out but he got hurt and fainted. A half an hour later the fire was out and the firemen went in to find them. The firemen carried them out "we found one male and one female a horse and a note" said the fireman "where`s Drake and how did a horse get here?" asked Jason confused "thats Drake" replied Cloea "what?" asked Jason "I`ll explain later" replied Cloea. Sharpay read the note "this is not their handwriting but if they didn`t write it who did?" asked Sharpay. "We have to be 100% sure it`s not in their handwriting" said Mr Matsui. "Princeiple Matsui she`s right cause I don`t think they would kill themslefs" said Cloea. "Ok now if everyone gose home the school will be closed till it`s rebuiled" said Mr Matsui. Quickly Cloea turned Drake back to his human form "I will take these guys to the hospital I will have to call Lucy, Maire and Ethan" said Troys dad. "That was scary" said Sharpay. "I know" replied Cloea. She got her cellphone and phoned her mom "mom please don`t freack but Drake got hurt in a fire and Troy`s dad is taking him to hospital" said Cloea then she put her cellphone a ince away from her ear cause her mom was freacking out. A couple of hours later in the hospital. Troy woke up slowely "where am I?" he throught then he notices the buzzer saying call if needed and he remembered what happened he rang the buzzer. In the lobby "Troy Boltons buzzer has been pressed he must be awake now" said the doc "can I go to see my son Troy?" asked Troy`s mom "yes this way" said the doc everyone went to Troy`s cubical exept from Drake`s family Matt was crying "DRAKE" cried Matt "he`s gonna be ok bud" said Drake`s dad. In Troy`s cubical "hello Troy am doctor Cole" said the Doc. Troy was panicking "where`s Gabriella? she was there Gabriella!" panicked Troy. "Troy Gabriella is in the other cubical" said Chad "Where abouts? Can I see her? Is she ok?" panicked Troy. Dr Cole shighed "Troy she fell into a coma but you must go alone and I adiviesed you talk to her she may hear you and you have to use a wheel chair at the moment sorry" said Dr Cole. He helps Troy into the wheelchair "don`t worry Troy am sure she`ll get better" said Ryan. "I hope so I`ll see you in a bit" said Troy and gose into Gabriella`s room. "Take your time I have see to another patinent if you need help go to the office and they will send someone" said Dr Cole and went to Drake`s room. They watched Troy take Gabriella`s hand and started to cry. "Am sorry I tried to proect you we were the only ones in the building I wish it was just me but it wasn`t I love you Gabriella and it dosen`t matter if your here for a lifetime I will vist you as often as I can and I will I promise " said Troy. Gabriella`s lips move slightly but nothing happened "when I first woke up I was scared I couldn`t see you anywhere I think the doc throught I was mad I know your not well but am glad I know where you are and your the most impotant thing in my life" Troy said Jason slowley and quitely opens the door and everyone listened. "Best friend or girlfriend I love you more than both and I`ll never forget you even though your in a coma your smiling and it`s beauitful" said Troy. The others smile at Troy. "Am gonna bring you flowers, things for your hair and those mags you and other girls read and I`ll make you comfortable as possible" said Troy. Chad notices that Troy had stoped crying. "When you wake up and get better I`ll give you hugs and kisses and we will go on walks and have ice cream and I know you`ll love and am gonna learn to play guitar for you" said Troy. "Don`t worry Troy she`ll wake up evenually" said Gabs mom. Troy kissed her hand "get well soon Gabriella" said Troy. Meanwhile in Drake`s room. "Drake has fallen into a coma and he is badley burned" said Dr Cole. "That sounds bad" said his uncle Andy. "You don`t have to put him down do you?" asked Drake`s mom crying. "No he`ll wake up soon" said Dr Cole and he put a ice pack on Drake`s leg and arm Matt gave his big brother a hug and cried "Drake" said Matt crying "it`s going to be ok bud" said his dad. The next day "please wake up" said Troy "don`t worry Troy she`ll wake up cause if she dosn`t you two won`t be able to kiss anymore and you wont get married and have kids" said Zac. Then Gabs eyes slitely open "Troy.... Tro" said Gabriella. "Am here Gabby Zac get help" said Troy. "I I captin" joked Zac and left. Then Gabriella woke up "where am I.... How... The bomb.... Where is eveyone?" asked Gabriella "we`re in Albquerque hospital everyone is in the lobby" replied Troy. Then a doctor came in "you have to go now" said the doctor "ok see you later Gabby" said Troy and left while the doctor examined Gabriella. A couple of hours later "so how is my brother and Gab?" asked Cloea "they`re fine now but no vistors tonight they`ll need to rest" said doctor Cole. Everyone nodded in agreement exept Troy and Matt then the doctor left. "Errr.... I need to go to the toliet" said Troy. Troy`s dad went to help him "don`t worry I can do it myslef" said Troy and left. "Follow him I bet he`s going to you know whose room" said Troy`s mom. He went to follow him. Then Matt tried to sneak off "and were do you think your going?" asked Cloea "Drake he might be lonely and I miss him" replied Matt doing the sad puppy dog face "nice try you heard what the doc said remember" said Cloea "fine" frowned Matt. Troy sneaked into Gabriella`s room. "Hiya Gabby" said Troy "what took you so long?" Gabriella asked. "Well Cole dosn`t want me in here but when you were out cold I promised you I would vist you" replied Troy. They didn`t notice the others watching through the window. "Troy come and lay with me and befor you say no I realy want you to and I can make room" said Gabriella and shoves along and they lay in bed together "now your nice and warm" said Gabriella. He puts his arm around her "your beauitful" said Troy. Gabriella blushed "Thanks" said Gabriella. They leaned in and.... slowly kissed. Then there was a knock. Zac came in "um Troy your not allowed in here remember" said Zac. "No please don`t let the doc find me if you make me go back I`ll just come back later" said Troy. "Ok fine but you two shouldn`t be kissing all the time just now" said Zac "just go Zac" replied Troy. Zac left and they both blushed. She giggles at Troy "whats so funny?" Troy asked. "Your cheecks" replied Gabriella. Troy blushed even more "aww it`s good I like it like that" said Gabriella. And guess what yep they kissed again. When Dr Cole brought Drake in they stoped kissing seconds later the police officer came in. "Are you Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and Drake Russo?" he asked. They nodded "I need to talk to you, you see we found a note of your day and time of death what happened in there?" the officer asked "I was in the hall I had a bad feeling that somthing was going to happen so I was going to tell Troy and Gabriella to be careful but the doors were locked then Taylor came and asked what was wrong and when I told her she throught I was mad then by the time I could get the doors open the school blew up and I tried to save Troy and Gab then I fainted" explained Drake "I was playing basketball with Gabriella then this delivery man came with a box he said we didn`t had to sign for it then he put it on the floor and when we opened it we found a bomb" explained Troy "then I found the note of our time of death we didn`t know what to do so I pulled the fire alarm and when we tried to get out the door was stuck then we lay on the floor" explianed Gabriella. Then the others came in. "Well am not an expert without evidence but the bomb was defintly made for you three and your life could be in danger" said the police officer. "Some one is trying to kill us whats going to happen" asked Drake scared starting to shake like a leaf Troy put his hand on Drake`s shoulder to try to carm him down. "So whats going to happen to them do you know whose done it?" asked Troy`s mom. "Well they will have to go to police protection and we need to ask has anyone grudge or somthing to you three or anyone else in the family?" the officer asked. "The only person I can think of is Kikaru he is always trying to get me or my dad killed but it can`t be him cause if it was the note would be written in Chinese and he dosen`t know Troy and Gab" replied Drake. "Right" said the officer "the only person I can think of is.. Oh no...he wouldn`t" said Troy`s dad. "What is it dad?" asked Troy. "My brother" replied Troy`s dad "I have a uncle" said Troy confused "yes you have a uncle you also have a little brother" he replied. "What? how old is he?" asked Troy. Tears fall from his mom`s eyes "I think he`s old enough to know Jack" she said Troy was confused. "He`s four when your mom was pregant you were only thirteen and you didn`t understand why she was so big when she was seven months me and your mom went away and you stayed at Chads she gave birth to Tom and your uncle.... took him" explained Troy`s dad. "We were going to tell you when we got back but we decied to tell you when you got older" said Troy`s mom. Troy smiled and cried "Tommy" said Troy. "Well if we have the name we can send out immediate alert and he could be found anywhere in the world within three weeks" said the officer. "You should do it and don`t worry we will be sticking around" said Drake`s mom. "What do you mean?" asked Troy`s mom. "I mean we`ll be careful and watch out for anymore bombs and god knows what" explained Lillyia Drake`s mom. "When is Drake, Troy and Gabriella going to be able to come home?" asked Taylor. "Tommow morning but they`ll have to stay off school" said Dr Cole. "Thats good news" said Gabriella`s mom and turns around to see them fast asleep and Troy and Gabriella hullded up together and Drake was leaning forward with his head on his hand. "Aww Troy and Gabby look so cute" said Sharpay the others stared at her "what? I can be nice" said Sharpay. "Drake looks like he`s got a headacke" said Zac. "Yeah we better go" said Ryan. They left and handled the details of Jacks brother and son. While they were sleeping "Tom" throught Gabriella "Tommy" throught Troy "good luck Tom" throught Drake. The next morning the gang sat at Troy`s house on the lawn. "It`s been a week I throught I see Tommy by now" said Troy "Troy his name is Tom and the cop said it would take three weeks" said Gabriella. "Yeah I just can`t belive it my uncle is trying to kill us and I`ve got a little bro" replied Troy. "It`s going to be ok Troy don`t worry" said Drake. "I still can`t belive my own uncle is trying to kill us I mean what have we ever done to him" said Troy "well Troy there are evil people in the world" said Cloea "I know how you feel bud the same thing happened to me and Cloea two years ago" said Drake. "Had you guys had any phone calls from the cops?" Chad asked "We only had them watching out for Troy, Gabriella and me" replied Drake. "I wonder what he`s like" wondered Troy "am sure he`s cute and will fit in perfectly" replied Gabriella. Then Troy`s mom came with drinks "here you go guys" said Troy`s mom and hands out everyone drinks. "Mom can I ask you somthing?" Troy asked. "Yes Troy what`s the matter?" his mom asked. "Why didn`t you get Tom back and why is my uncle trying to kill us?" Troy asked. "You mean why we gave up well we spent months trying to look for him but it affected our family we knew your uncle would take care of him cause he was jealous of your father we knew we couldn`t let him hurt you" explained Troy`s mom. "Ok thanks for the drinks mom" said Troy. The officer came into the garden "hello" he said Troy jumped up. "Have you found them? Have you got Tom? Is my uncle in jail? Can you answer my questions?" Troy asked in one breath. "Carm down Troy lets go inside" the officer replied the went inside. Five minutes later Drake sat there nervousely Troy and Gabriella holded hands "whats the news?" Troy asked. "Troy your uncle has been arested for temped murder" the officer replied. Everyone was gobsmaked "we had police patroling around Albuquerque we cought him and another man and a girl who whose about your age when he was going to his house" said the officer. "But wait how could he know my brother I think there`s more to this story" said Cloea. "Yes as we searched his house we found another bomb and another note of your day of death and picture`s of Troy and Gabriella Drake and with your friends and your school and the school Drake`s from we think they have been watching you" he said. "I think I know who the two were" said Drake`s mom annoyed "who mom?" asked Drake "Kikaru and Sapphire" replied Drake`s mom angerily "who?" asked Taylor "they used to be friends of my family he had a chursh on my mom when she was in high school but when she got married to my dad he got jelouse and tried to kill him when I was Matts age he kidnaped me and told me my perants didn`t want me and when he sented me back twevle years later he made me belive what he said and nearly tricked me into killing my dad then Cloea told me the truth when I went to save my dad he was going to kill my dad when I tried to stop him he cut me in the neck and now the family hates his guts" explied Drake. "Woa thats horrible" said Gabriella "It was" replied Drake`s mom. "Ok their arested and Kikaru`s daugher has been put into a care home" the officer said. "Thank you for your help" said Mrs Montez "just doing my job have a good day " he said "what about Tom?" Troy asked worried "he`s fine at the police station he has been repeting Troy a social worker will be bringing him here in half an hour" he replied and left. Troy smiled "we haven`t got any cloths for him we don`t know what food he likes and where is he going to sleep" said Troy`s mom "don`t worry mom it`ll be ok" said Troy "you could take him shopping" suggested Gabriella. "Today I think am gonna do some sunbathing" said Taylor. "Am gonna shoot some hoops" said Chad " I`ll play basketball with Chad while my dad helps my uncle Andy and Anne with their house good luck Bolton with your little bro" said Drake "thanks Drake" said Troy. "Your welcome bud" replied Drake. "Oh Troy where did you put the ball?" asked his dad "in the shed" replied Troy. You`ll laugh at what happens when Jack opened the shed balls come flying out of the shed and knocks him over "TROY!" shouted Jack everyone laughed Troy blushed and put one hand behind his head "are you ok dad?" asked Troy. "Where on earth did these balls come from?" Jack asked getting up. Half an hour later then a man came in "everyone meet Tom" he said but they couldn`t see him. "Where is he?" Troy asked then he looked over the gate and saw a little boy holding a blue teddy bear "Twoy" he said smileing running to him Troy bented down to Toms level. "Hi Tom" said Troy "wanna pway" said Tom putting his teddy in the air wanting to be picked up. Troy picks him up "how about we go and get you some new toys and you can play with them here" said Troy. "Yay toys" Tom cheers then he points at Gabriella "Gabwella" said Tom. "aww thats so cute" said Gabriella smiling "yeah and them two" said Troy. Troy points to Lucy and Jack "they are mommy and daddy" said Troy. "No Twoy grwanda and grwanma" said Tom Troy laughs "mommy" said Tom holding his arms out to Gabriella "no am not your mommy she`s your mommy" said Gabriella and handed Tom to Lucy "uncle said gwadma" said Tom "yep my brother has told him about us" said Jack. "Yeah and right now am really confused" said Chad. "Me to when he called Gabriella mommy I was like what the" said Zac. "Drake remember when Matt throught we were his mom and dad" said Cloea "yeah I still can`t belive it I mean your my sis that would be werid" replied Drake "yeah it was funny though" said Cloea. "Dadda am hungwy" said Tom "he thinks your his dad Troy" said Jack "ee Troy you didn`t tell me you were a dad" joked Chad. "Every funny Chad" replied Troy. Then he gose inside to get Tom somthing to eat. "Troy looks a bit emmarsed" said Gabriella "so did Drake when Matt throught Drake was his dad it was hillaouse" said Cloea. "Maybe it`s best not to correct him till he`s a little bit older good luck Tom" said Lillyia. Lucy and Jack agreed then Troy came with a cookie "here you go Tom" said Troy and gives Tom the cookie. "Um Andy hon I need to go to the hospital" said Anne "oh boy" shighed Drake "this is going to be a long story when we get back to New York" said Cloea. Then Anne gave birth to her baby girl Charlie. "Good luck Charlie your gonna need it" said Drake and they lived happily you get the idea. Joke:)