Claira Mcassie

Claira Marie Mcassie

Born on 14th of June 1997

Coker spanil Claira was born in Paris, France. Untill she moved to New York with her perants when her mum got a job as a fashion designer. It took her a while to get used to the American middle school. It was a lot different from her school in Paris for one thing everyone is crazy at West High middle school she couldn`t in understand a word the other kids were saying and they couldn`t understand her. A few years later she started to be able to understand English. She met Ella, Abby and Amy when she was a first year at Hill Top high. She can be cranky especialy when Abby and Amy have they sistery fights. She knows Buster really likes her when he`s trying to smit with her, by smitting he jokes around her which don`t seem to amuse her. She seceretly has a crush on him. But wouldn` t tell him or anyone that especaily Buster he`ll just tease her about it,