Drake & Cloea 4

Cloea Rose Russo

Born on 1st of January 1994

Lillyia and Ethan`s second born daughter. She was born and was raised in Nashvill Tennessee. Country girl, she loves to sing and dance. She grew up listening to country music but she didn`t mind her uncle Toby always made a joke out of it, by singing one of his daft songs. After their long lost daughter Haruhi dissappered and was apperetly killed by Lillyia`s brother Takashi. She wonders about Haruhi. What was she like?? What happened to her?? Is she still alive?? I guess it would be great to have a sister here, I love my brothers, but.... I wonder what it would be like having a older sister here. She wouldn`t be much older than her, she`s 16 so Haruhi would be like 17 or 18. Oh well, I guess if she was alive we would of probaly would of found her by the time Drake was born. Her mum said she was six years old when she went missing after a couple of years people started guessing she was either eaten by some wild animal or was murdered. She can`t help but feel sorry for her mum she lost her daughter and her brother betrayed her. She would kill Drake if he did what Takashi did to Haruhi by leaving a small foal on their own in a dangerous forest where anything could happen. Get attacked by bandits, killed by savage animals, or even murdered by a nut case! And now she lost her dad she haven`t seen Drake so depressed in her life! He wouldn`t even play basketball with his friends anymore. Why are people trying to wreck my family?? First I loose my sister and now I loose my dad!! And I don`t even want to think about who I might loose next!!