Drake 405

Drake Li Russo

Born on 25th December 1997

Fourteen year old Drake is the second eldest of the Russo kids.
  • Drake & his sister Cloea.
  • Drake and Ella having a race. Who will win Drake or Ella??
  • Drake playing with his little brother Matt
  • Matt
  • Russo Family picture. After Ethan died
  • Young Drake.
  • Young Drake. He looks a lot like Matt.
  • Drake with his mum Lillyia.
  • Old family photo when Drake was little.
  • Father & son.
He is half Japanese and half American his mother Lillyia is Japanese and his father Ethan is an American Stallion. He has powers that would blow your mind. He can make flames of fire come out of his body without burning himself, he can change shape even into a human if he wanted to. He had everything great friends, family, a kind girlfriend. But that all changed when he went to vist his grandperants in Karuizawa. His dad gets murdered he tried to save him but he ends up getting a huge scar across his waist and down his neck! Till this day he still is hurting about his fathers death. Even though his friends try to be understanding of his feelings. As they help Drake move on with his life. Scince that day he is miserable and is over proective of his little brother Matt. He has nightmares of that terrible night his father slipped away. He starts letting himself go as he thinks about his father. But hopefully with the help of his family and friends he`ll be able to but his fathers death behind him and move on with his life befor he gets any worse.