Ella 27

Ella Smith'===

Fourteen year old all American girl. She is the eldest of the Smith kids she has a little pesty sister Emily. Who drives her insane, that`s what little sisters are for right. ;)

She was born in Seattle on good friday 10th April 1997. When she was five she moved to New York city when her dad got a job at the opitions. At first she didn`t want to go to preschool but her perants made her. There she met the Cross twins Abby and Amy. The three girls were best friends from the first day they met. As they take on the rollercoster of high school with from boyfriend trouble to exam nightmare. She dreams of being a singer but she gets stage fright but that all changed when she met Drake at the Butlins new year teen party. After her mum Vanessa made her go like she did when she was starting preschool. Scince then she has fallen in love with Drake and now their boyfriend and girlfriend. But once upon a time a new girl Megan comes to the scene and flirts with Drake. It turns into a war but not just any orainary war it was Girlfriend Wars.
  • Ella & Drake in the rain.
  • Ella & Drake as the sun gose down.
  • Ella talking to Drake.
  • Ella worried.
  • Ella running has the wind blows through her mane.
  • Ella on the set off HSM3. I know it isn`t really good but it`s a crossover pic.
  • Young Ella.
  • The day she met the Cross twins.
  • Ella and her boyfriend Drake. Anime style don`t they look super cute.