The Cross Twins

Abby and Amy laughin

Abbgail and Amy Cross. Born on 17th of August 1997.

Abbygail also known as Abby. She`s a tom boy she likes to wear hoodies, track suit bottoms and sometimes jeans.

Amy is a real girly girl. She`s all puppies and rainbows she loves Disney princess movies even though she is now fourteen. She sometimes gets caught singing someday my prince will come from the Snow white movie.

They lived happily with their perants Yasmin and Justin. Untill one day Yasmin died in a tradic accident when the girls were about to start middle school. In dispair their father couldn`t look after his daughters so he did what he thought was best for them and sent them to a nearby childrens care home. Befor the social worker turned up he bidded farewell to his daughters. Abby didn`t take it the news well and throwed a trantrum. They were in the care home for the whole time they were in middle school. Luckily when they were about to move on to High School they got fostered by a couple Kerain and Katie. They had a few problems with Abby with her subbon attiude. So they let the two girls go to their friend Ella`s house for a break. But Abby wasn`t all doom and gloom she started a skateboarding club at the school. Competed against other schools in skate off contests. Fell in love for the first time. But it all went pear shaped when her teacher told her and Amy that their father died. Abby breakes into tears knowing she`ll never see her dad again. Amy, Ella, Claira, Gabriella, Mia, Drake, Lewis, Buster, Charlie and Delon decide to make a bence for Justin. Abby was over the moon when she saw what her friends had done. It wasn`t a orandairy dull wooden bence. It was decorated in muti coloured paint and had a large sqaure board on it. It had a picture of their family photo. On the board it said

Yasmin & Justin Cross

The two that brought two beauitful, sweet and amazing girls

Abby`s family
into the world. And looked after them like any perant


Rest in peace

Yasmin Theresa Cross

1931- 2007

Justin Joseph Cross

1931- 2012

From Abbgail, Amy and friends from Hill Top High School.